Our vineyards stretch along the Moselle from Leiwen to Piesport. Here grapes ripen on a wide range of different soils and climatic influences. The distinctive terroir gives rise to unique wines. The core of our winery is the site „Tritten­heimer Apotheke“ and the „Dhroner Hofberg“. From these special sites, unique wines are produced in precise manual work and with sensitive intuition in the cellar.

One year at the winery

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Trittenheimer Apotheke

The "Trittenheimer Apotheke" is one of the most important sites of Trittenheim and enjoys worldwide fame. Here, spoiled by the sun, in part 70% slope and on stony gray-blue slate, juicy and long-lived wines with substance. However, the name of the vineyard does not refer to the healing properties of the wines. It is merely a variation of the name "Abteiberg".

Dhroner Hofberg

The Dhroner Hofberg is located in a somewhat cooler small side valley of the Moselle. Its southeastern exposure allows for a longer ripening phase of the grapes and produces delicate wines with mild acidity. The up to 80% slope on red, blue and gray Devonian slate gives the wine a fine, spicy minerality.

Piesporter Goldtröpfchen

The "Piesporter Goldtröpfchen" extends from the Moselle with southeastern to southwestern exposure. The long sunshine duration produces fruity, aromatic wines with high ripening potential. The soil - characterized by blue Devonian slate - shows an optimal water supply for the vines all year round.