Two brothers - One winery

Family as well as good wine from the great vineyards between Leiwen and Piesport, form the basis of our winery Bollig². Thereby we relate to enthusiasm and a lot of heart blood to the viticulture - and this already since childhood days.

With innovative ideas, state-of-the-art technology, and tradition, we also want to inspire you. Get to know us and our our Wines! Gladly also during a wine hike or wine tasting.

About us

The "high 2" in our winery stands primarily for the brothers Lukas and Moritz. Lukas, who is dedicated to the work in the cellar and sales, and Moritz, who specializes in the activities in the vineyard. But what would our winery be without the help of the family, who actively participate in the vineyard to the sale with much love and heart.


The foundation for our terroir-driven and fruity wines that show origin is the blend of tradition and innovation.

Freely following the motto "As much as necessary - as little as possible", we give our wines the time and peace to develop naturally and typical of the vintage. The result is an outstanding quality that you can taste. Ideal for every occasion.